Getting Unstuck

January 17, 2014 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

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Driving last week sure was crazy. Cold and snow equal slipping and sliding, at least for my small car.

I was driving home on the ramp for I-355 when I saw a car stuck way down off the onramp. I looked at the amount of snow the car was suck in, and the distance from the road, and the steep incline to get back up and I wondered, "How is that car ever going to get unstuck?"

Life can be like that. There are certain situations where change can seem nearly impossible. Maybe it's because it's the way things have always been, maybe because of how long it took to get in those circumstances, maybe the climb out seems too steep.

I had a conversation with my wife of things we'd like to change in the New Year. I didn't call them resolutions, inwardly for fear that if I used that name for change it was bound for immediate failure. I can be a bit cynical about change at times. Is it truly possible to get unstuck?

Then I turned to a Psalm. Psalm 142. It was written by King David. In David's life, he always seemed to be stuck in constant danger. As a shepherd boy, he fought both the lion and the bear. As next in line for being kind, his father-in-law tried numerous times to kill him. As king he was in constant battle. Later in life, his own son mounted an army and tried to kill him.

I had to laugh that when I turned to this Psalm, it said that David at this point was in a cave - most likely hiding and most likely feeling stuck in an all too familiar situation. Maybe he was thinking, "I am always going to be on the run, can I ever get unstuck?"

And in the midst of this all too familiar situation he wrote these words, "I cry to you, Lord; I say 'You are my refuge.' Set me free from my prison, that I may praise your name." (142:5,7). He is asking that God might set him free and help him get unstuck. And you know what? He was set free. The Lord rescued him and caused him to be unstuck time and time again.

This is a picture of what God has done for us. You and I were stuck in the cave of our sins, unable to please God or get out of sin's cave on our own. But Jesus came into the world, paid the penalty of our sings, and he has set us free. We are forgiven because of the blood he shed on the cross. We are changed through him and given a new heart, new spirit, and new direction. This is the ultimate scenario of getting unstuck.

And if God can do that, he has no problem getting us unstuck from other situations. At Amazing Love we are in a series called "Treatment". In this series, we are focusing on spiritual, emotional, and physical health. We believe that the Spirit God gave us is one of power, and true change is possible with him. We invite you to catch this series online or join us each Sunday at 9:30AM. May God bless us to get unstuck.

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